Funding the future we want

The Nordic tech industry is growing, but diversity remains a challenge. US data shows a mere €1.90 out of every €100 for women founders and a shocking €0.39 for founders of color. Similar gaps likely hold back the Nordic scene. This lack of inclusivity has to change. 

At Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit,  we are dedicated to funding the future we want. 

We cultivate an inclusive ecosystem where diverse voices are heard. We connect female and non-binary founders with top investors, drive innovation, and build a future powered by equality.

What to Expect:

    • Inspiring speakers in tech
    • Intimate roundtable sessions
    • 50+ Nordic female and non-binary founders
    • 70+ Nordic investors
    • Speed dating for investors and startups
    • Networking with changemakers
    • Moments for creative expression
    • Food, drinks, and afterwork

    Secure your ticket now and be part of the change!

        Event Essentials

        6 November 2024, Wednesday

        Sankt Gertrud, Östergatan 7B, Malmö 
        (20 min from CPH Airport to Malmö Central Station and 5 min walk)

        Story Hotel 
        Clarion Hotel

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        Isabel Nilson (She/Her)
        Investment Manager at Spintop Ventures

        • An investor at Spintop Ventures with a unique background in law, tech, and investment banking and six years of hands-on experience working with startups
        • Having just returned from maternity leave, her number one passion is her little daughter Freya, 
        • Dedication to discovering and nurturing groundbreaking ventures.

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        Nélida Leiva Eriksson (She/Her)
        Dr., CEO & Founder of Ironic

        • Dr. Leiva Eriksson is the CEO & Founder of Ironic AB and Assoc. Prof. at Lund University. 
        • She has more than 15 years of experience working with heme-iron proteins and their biochemistry. 
        • She suffered firsthand the effects of iron deficiency and anemia and decided to use her expertise to do something about it.

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        Pamela Nunez Wallgren (She/Her)
        CEO & Co-founder at Finch

        • Ex-architect gone startup founder and CEO at Finch.
        • Won Pink Capital at NFIS 2020 which marked the start of Finch’s journey to where they are today.
        • Having raised €3M, signing tier 1 architecture companies, and a waiting list with over 70k waiting for Finch to launch.

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        Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford (She/Her)
        CEO & Co-founder of Emigreat

        • On a mission to bridge the knowledge gap in immigration as CEO & cofounder of Emigreat. 
        • 10+ years of experience in service and marketing, specializing in tourism. Built and exited one of the strongest tourism brands in Honduras.
        • Passionate about minority representation, female entrepreneurship, all things diversity and inclusion, sustainable living, and marine conservation.

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